From One Heart To Another

There is not enough time or space to fully describe this awesome man and dynamic human being, but we can try to give you a glimpse.

DrCL, “CL” as he is affectionately known, came from more than humble beginnings. Growing up as an African-American boy in the inner-city was no easy feat, to say the least. DrCL was a leader from the start always making his own way in life.

Statistics said that he should be no more than a glorified drug lord or pimp either dead or in jail, but God said that He would be much more than anyone could imagine that he could be, including himself. As a youngster, he found himself becoming a product of his environment; running the streets, hustling, fighting and getting into anything else that this lifestyle brought.

However, DrCL always knew there was something better, something different about him and the fight was to figure out what that “thing” was and how to make that better something prevail in his life. At the age of 19, his street life yielded him to a court date, in front of a judge where he was forced to stare destiny square in the face. The judge gave him a decision to make. He now knows was God’s way of standing in the gap for him because he was actually presented with a choice, rather than the choice being made for him. He could either go to jail or enter into the military. DrCL chose the military and this decision changed his life forever.

Between the discipline and character development from his military career, to being exposed to the diverse culture of Hawaii (where he was stationed), a whole new world was opened up to him. The experience that DrCL undertook going from Virginia to Hawaii as a teenager later birthed the vision for what we now know as the InterCultural Summit Project with his non-profit youth organization Xtreme Youth, Inc.

While in Hawaii, DrCL accepted Christ into his life, was ordained a Minister of the Gospel and began his spiritual & business/entrepreneur training under his first mentors, Dr. Anderson, Bishop Kelsey Lewis and Dr. Douglas Kaya. God sent a host of other leaders from all walks of life to train help mold him into the respected & beloved DrCL we know and love today.


DrCL WIlliams In The Military


The Williams Family!

DrCL knew he had to return home to Virginia to carry out the vision God had given him. Upon his return home, he met and married his wife Mary Williams. They have 3 children and have established a God-centered and family-centered life for themselves.

Among his many accomplishments include obtaining his Doctorate Degree from Belford University in the area of Biblical and Humanitarian Studies. Shortly after returning to Virginia, he as ordained a Pastor by Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas.

DrCL is currently the co-host of the Mike and Friends Morning Show on the Stellar Award winning Gospel Station, Rejoice 100.9FM (Hampton Roads, Virginia / Northeast North Carolina) and is also the Director of Prayer Counsel for the station.

DrCL currently holds a seat on the Church and Community Action Committee (CCIA) for the City of Portsmouth and has been the Chairman of their Youth Initiative Outreach 2 years in a row.


Mike Chandler, DrCL,
Cedric Bailey - (Stella Awards)


DrCL On Air


DrCL And Kirk Franklin


DrCL - Heart Coach

DrCL's most fulfilling accomplishment, he will tell you, is the gratification he gets is from the countless men, women and youth that he is able to mentor and see a positive change in their lives. Wherever he sees a need, he seeks and passionately pursues resolving that need and being an effective part of the solution. Many things that he sees hit home for him and speaks to the hurt he knows he felt at those times in his life. With God’s help and his willingness, the sky is the limit!

DrCL's vision includes overseeing the operations of state of the art Day Care Centers for single mothers and working low to middle class families, Family fitness facilities, an accredited life curriculum that includes marriage counseling, financial planning and much more!

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